Anyone who has been involved in defect tracking knows that it can be a challenging process. Clear communication, collaboration, and top-notch organization are required in order to resolve defects in a timely manner. During the lifecycle of a defect, teams may find it challenging to keep track of its status, or even know when it is deployed.

Defect tracking with OneDesk

OneDesk’s new issue tracking and management application makes the defect tracking process easier. Here’s a look at how to create issues in OneDesk and stay on top of all defects assigned to you.

How to create an issue in the issues/tasks application:

defect tracking 1

  • Click the issues/tasks button at the top of the interface (1). If you do not see this button, add it by clicking the show/hide tabs button (2) and selecting the issues/task application.
  • Once in the issues/tasks view, click create issue/task (3).
  • Name the issue (4).
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the name, and select issue (5).
  • Assign it to a sharespace by clicking the drop-down arrow in the sharespace field (6).
  • Save it (7).

This can also be done from the issues/tasks view within a sharespace.

You can also create an issue from a feedback. This allows the issue to be traced back to its original request.

defect tracking 2

    • Go to the feedback tab in the sharespace (1).
    • Select the feedback you wish to create the issue from. Hover your mouse over the ID column. A drop-down arrow will appear (2).

defect tracking 3

  • Click on the drop-down arrow. A menu will appear. Select create issue task from feedback (3).

In the window that appears:
defect tracking 4

  • Name the issue (4).
  • Set the type as issue (5).
  • Select the items you would like to aggregate (copy over)(6).
  • Click create (7).

OneDesk makes it easy for you to track all your work by allowing you view all tasks and issues assigned to you in one view.

defect tracking 3

  • Go to the issues/tasks view (1). If you do not see this button, click on the show/hide tabs button (2) and select issues/tasks.
  • Go to the assigned to me tab (3).

All issues and tasks assigned to you will be displayed.

defect tracking 6

You can track the progress of an issue by going to the issues/tasks tracking view. You can track the schedule and know what stage it’s at, and whether it’s on time or behind schedule.

Look out for more blog posts on issue/defect tracking in the future. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or feedback about OneDesk.

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