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So, you’ve released your product and surprisingly, it isn’t getting the kind of reception you had hoped. No one is purchasing. No one is even testing it out. The few that do don’t give any feedback. Suddenly you start second-guessing the ideas that make up the foundation of your new product and the thought arises: “Maybe I should start over”. This means going through months and months of the development of new product all over again.

Co-founder and CEO of YipIt, Vinicius Vacanti would tell you that you need to do more than just think long and hard about whether you’re going to give up and start from scratch, “The key to making this decision comes down to: (1) quickly iterating the product based on learnings and (2) consistently measuring each iteration based on a defined success metric.”

Development of New Product Iterations

Success metrics: Incite effective change in the development of new product iterations

Using an iteration-based methodology in the development of new product is a sure-fire way to ensure your product reaches a healthy cycle between feedback management, requirements creation, and task implementation all aimed towards the goal of maintaining the best result for your target market.

Should you start development of new product from scratch? Not necessarily. You’ll want to take the latest iteration and measure its success across a variety of metrics. If your product is publicly available, it’s a good idea to check out how many people are complimenting and how many people remain unsatisfied. It then becomes a question of reaching out to the “nay-sayers” of the bunch. If, on the release of a new iteration, a significant amount of these nay-sayers suddenly enjoy the new features or fixes you’ve implemented, then it’s far from time to give up.

With OneDesk, the Development of New Product Iterations is Simple

No product is perfect from the very start. Measuring your product’s success during the development of new product iterations is a key to your product’s consistent evolution. This evolution can be successfully achieved through OneDesk.

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