In 2008, Gartner released a list of what they thought would be the top 10 disruptive technologies that will have an impact in the business world over the next five years.

This has been a successful year in terms of disruptive business technologies. Let’s outline the five most predominant ones.

Top 5 business disruptive technologies

Social media
disruptive technologiesSocial networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses easily to reach out to many more customers and potential customers. Since the use of social media is growing three times faster than the use of the Internet, organizations no longer own the conversation about their products or services. Thus, social media monitoring tools are proving to be one of the most popular disruptive technologies businesses are using. The use of social media monitoring tools is becoming necessary as customers are now on the social web having conversations about companies, products, services and brands.

disruptive technologies

Social software for businesses Social business software provides a platform that encourages employees and customers to participate and aid in co-creating product/services by providing ideas and feedback. According to David Searly of Gartner, “The added value for businesses is being able to collect this feedback into a single point that reflects collective attitudes, which can help shape a business strategy.”

Cloud computing and cloud/web platforms
disruptive technologiesCloud computing itself is not a “disruptive technology,” however the cloud computing business model has given birth to more effective types of technologies such as Software as a Service or cloud platforms, and grid computing. Cloud platforms provide businesses with many advantages, the main ones being that they are affordable, have a global scale and reach, allows a faster deployment of business capabilities, allows for low-risk business innovation.

User Interfaces for information
disruptive technologiesIn 2008, Gartner predicted that over the next five years, “information will be presented via new user interfaces such as organic light-emitting (OLED) displays, digital paper and billboards, holographic and 3D imaging and smart fabric.” While not all of these items have been able to “disrupt” the market, some are well on the way. This year, Sony introduced the PlayStation Vita handheld game console, which feature a 5-inch OLED screen. Digital paper has not gain superlative popularity, however, many are increasingly finding that e-readers are useful.

Web mashups
disruptive technologiesA web mashup is a web application that takes information from one or more sources and presents it in a new way or with a unique layout. Web mashups are skyrocketing in popularity. Businesses are increasingly realizing the value of enterprise web mashups that offer the ability to access and manipulate large amounts of data from different resources into one application. Enterprise web mashups also allow organizations to increase productivity and innovation.

OneDesk is social business software can be considered as a web mashup. Offered as SaaS, it combines many business applications such as social media monitoring, feedback management, requirements management, project management, customer service/help desk software, innovation and ideas management, and product roadmapping, all in one application. Try OneDesk now for free, and increase innovation within your business.

We want to know: Have any disruptive technologies had an impact your business?

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