Dropbox Integration with OneDesk

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service that stores a variety of documents in one platform. What makes Dropbox unique is its ability to store large files in different formats without relying on disk space. Users can access data by downloading the application into their computers or by simply logging on to their accounts. Initially, this web-based storage system was created to eliminate the dilemma of sharing files via the internet. Today, senders can send the link of the document in an email or chat, enabling the receiver viewing options to files and folders.

While Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage capacity, the application also provides paid subscriptions with more storage space and features. The subscription is divided into two categories. The first being an individual subscription, which includes two plans: Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional. Dropbox Plus offers 2 TB of storage space and features such as file recovery, offline folders, text search options and more. Dropbox Professional offers the same features plus some added features such as 3 TB document storing capability along with text image search, watermarking options and the possibility of sending a document size up to 100 GB.

More than 450,000 teams use Dropbox Business. The subscription type offers three distinct plans: Standard, Business and Enterprise. The standard plan provides organizations with 5 TB worth of storage and collaboration tools. The Advance offers as much space as the company may need along with security features, and the Enterprise plan caters to large companies that need more customizable solutions.

Integrating Dropbox with OneDesk

Managing projects and team collaborations is simple when Dropbox is integrated with OneDesk. By combining these two applications, team members can accomplish tasks more collaboratively and efficiently. With OneDesk, users can create, plan and track projects from start to finish and measure the success of their project through the use of the Gantt charts. Team members can track the time spent on projects and maintain their timesheets. Those working on a project can collaborate through its inbuilt messaging system that promotes team discussions and email notification on tasks and tickets. When DropBox is added to this mix, users can easily rely on this application for its storage and security features. In fact, through Dropbox, the organization can centrally store the content that can easily be accessed amongst themselves or those who are authorized. With Dropbox, projects and content become easily searchable for the users; this makes researching details of a past project more accessible to the viewers. As a result, planning future projects is much easier in OneDesk. Dropbox makes adding previously stored data to new projects a reality; users can attach files to tickets, tasks and projects in OneDesk. These files could be in any format: Google docs, Sheets, Microsoft Office files, Adobe Suite files and more; team members have access to everything. As a result, users have the option to access data that are related to the project rather than shuffling through multiple tabs and programs.

While Dropbox integration with OneDesk has many benefits, the ones listed below explains in detail the significant advantages of using the two together.

Storing Important Data

Dropbox offers a lot of space to store data in both its freemium and subscription plans. OneDesk users can store their past projects into Dropbox and organize them in particular folders. So, when planning future projects in OneDesk, the administrator can quickly check those files as a reference point and have an idea of what to implement and what to change in the new project. Dropbox also offers security features, which can be a relief to an organization when storing important or classified data. That way, vital documents can be safeguarded from a security breach or incident.

Improved Quality of Work

OneDesk enables team collaboration through its inbuilt messaging system, where team members can exchange ideas and information to create more quality work. Through a centralized folder in Dropbox, OneDesk users can easily access or download data that are connected to a project. Files from Dropbox can be directly attached to a ticket or task, enabling the OneDesk users to use it towards a project. Through this constant collaboration, team members produce quality work and remain informed in all the decisions or changes that are being made.


Integrating OneDesk’s helpdesk and project management software with your Dropbox account is easy. Just follow the steps below or watch the video.

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