Good teamwork doesn’t magically happen. Just like every aspect of an organization, good teamwork often requires a leader to encourage its development within the team. Thus, as a project manager or leader, you need to constantly promote a cooperative and trustworthy environment and get your team to work together effectively.

A few tips on encouraging teamwork

Make everyone feel important
Teams are more productive and successful when everyone shares the same passion and goals. The focus is greater when all team members realize that they each have a role to play in order for the project to be a success. Work with each team member and make sure they all understand their role, the team’s goals, deadlines, and how the work they do will have an impact on the project and company.

Encourage all team members to give ideas
Encouraging team members to give their ideas and suggestions on projects, procedures or anything else allows everyone feel like they have sense of purpose. It also makes work easier for everyone. Start an idea-sharing board or database and get the whole team talking.

Organize a fun activity
Even if they are not work-related, specific activities can help bring a team together, especially if it allows them to take a short break from work, or even if it breaks up a lengthly meeting. Organize something fun, that everyone will participate in and enjoy. An afternoon hike, a yoga session, or a team-building session.

Shuffle team members around
If certain groups of team members have been working together for awhile, why not change it up a bit? This will help them career wise, as well as break up the “cliques.” Working with new people will challenge team members to learn new ways of working and communicating. Once everyone has the chance to work with each other, projects will be delivered for effectively.

Eat together
Eating together is a great way to build relationships with team members and get everyone comfortable with each other. Provide snacks at meetings, organize team lunches, breakfasts, or even treat days.

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