Enterprise collaboration management in 2011

Fully engaging and collaborating with all internal and external stakeholders (including customers, business partners and employees) is becoming increasingly an integral enterprise collaborationpart of the success of an organization, and to the creation of a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Organizations are investing in the latest cutting-edge technologies to implement a collaborative strategy and grow the success of their products and services. The implementation of new solutions and applications increases the need for training, education and changes in management.

facilitates enterprise collaboration

Over the last few months we have had the opportunity to meet with many dynamic companies and chat about their business challenges, hopes and goals for 2011. We were pleased to hear that many find that is the perfect solution to real business problems and help improve enterprise collaboration and communication across customers, partners and employees. Many of you have expressed positive feedback with the overall application and found the software extremely useful in managing your product development processes.

Challenges associated with enterprise collaboration management

As we continually strive to improve our software and facilitate your enterprise collaboration management, we would like to hear more about what challenges your organization is facing in the upcoming year. We want our software to support the achievement of your business goals. Tell us what tools you need to tackle your challenges, streamline your processes and help you better align goals and strategies with the needs of the marketplace. If you are an active OneDesk user, please share all your comments, suggestions and ideas on our “Community” page. We value your insights and love hearing from you.

If you have not tried OneDesk, we also would like to hear from you! Sign up for a free account here to get started and be a part of our community.

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