Enterprise social applications for everybody in your team

The practical OneDesk enterprise social applications address the needs of your entire team. enterprise social applications

OneDesk provides a suite of integrated social business applications for all members of your organization. The Marketing, Support and Product Teams will become more effective when the OneDesk applications are incorporated into workflow processes. Team members will become more knowledgeable about issues and will make better decisions with these powerful tools. A more focused and complete analysis leads to better decisions and improved overall management of the team members daily responsibilities.

Enterprise social applications to help you stay connected

The OneDesk tools help you get the job done, and in a truly social fashion allow you to stay connected while promoting close collaboration with all your external and internal stakeholders. In addition, all of this can happen in real-time, allowing changes, notifications or updates to a particular item to be immediately applied to the project.

OneDesk’s social enterprise applications address the needs of:

• The Marketing team: Social media and Community managers

• The Support or Customer Service Team

• The Product Team

• The Project Team

Want to learn more about how OneDesk helps each team manage the product and service innovation process? Watch the following video.

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