What is experience co-creation?

Francis Gouillart, president of the president of the Experience Co-Creation Partnership, defines Experience co-creation (ECC) is a fresh perspective on value creation. It requires organizations to rethink their engagement process, and re-evaluate the manner in which they communicate with external and internal stakeholders, including customers. As Francis Gouillart so poignantly describes it, experience co-creation:

“…is about organizations unleashing the creative energy of people by inviting and enabling them to interact with them differently.”

Developing an experience co-creation strategy: Engagement

So how can experience co-creation actually happen? Francis Gouillart believes that it is imperative for organizations to “design engagement platforms” physical or virtual places through which customers can interact with the company and other stakeholders…” This is a very important piece in product innovation. As there is a growing need to fully connect the customer to the product development process, creating engagement platforms will allow organizations to:

  • Engage with your customers in real-time and on a continual basis; across different touch points throughout the product innovation process.
  • Enrich the overall customer experience and keeping customers in the know by providing regular status updates and progress notifications.
  • Open the lines of communication between all stakeholders through the use of social collaboration tools that allow for discussions, chats, and the sharing of blogs and email.


Experience co-creation using OneDesk

experience co-creationIncreasing communication nad engagement levels between stakeholders can directly enhance to the product development process by enabling the creation and deliver of better products and services. OneDesk is designed with the concept that an effective experience co-creation process that leverages the right social technology to ensure full stakeholder involvement. OneDesk also features social collaboration tools which promote customer engagement. OneDesk is an all-in-one SaaS solution that successfully integrates the latest collaborative and social technologies throughout the application, and facilitates team collaboration and customer engagement throughout the product innovation process.


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