OneDesk allows you to export the data from the custom views you create. You can export data in the Flat view from the following applications:

  • Tasks
  • Tickets
  • Projects
  • Timesheets
  • Items
  • Features

These views can be saved to use privately or shared with others in your organization.

Step 1: Select the Flat view in the application you want to export information from.
flat view

Step 2: Click the filter icon and select the filter options you would like to apply.
filter icons

Step 3: Click Add Grouping (if available) to select how to group the information.
Add Grouping

Step 4: Click out of the filter view creator.

Step 5: Click the cogwheel icon to choose what information you’d like to show.
cog wheel

Step 6: Click and drag the columns to rearrange.

Step 7: Click on the name of the column to sort by that option (e.g. sort by priority).

Step 8: Click the filter icon and click Save.

Step 9: Enter a name for your view. Check Share this view if you would like to share.

Step 10: Click Save.
save view

Step 11: Click Tools.

Step 12: Click Export This View.
Export This View

Note: Using the search tool will affect what information is displayed in your view.

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