Configurable Work Views

Create, Save & Share Your Work Views

work views

Choose How Your Data is Displayed

OneDesk lets you choose how your data is displayed so that your work is represented in a way that allows you to understand and manage it the best. Seamlessly switch between views to up your work efficiency. These are the default views in OneDesk:

Tree View: A hierarchical view of your work.
Flat View: A flat view of your work.
Gantt View: A Gantt chart that visually represents your project timelines.
Status Board View: A Kanban board that sorts your work based on statuses.
Calendar View: A calendar view that visually represents your scheduled work.
Roadmap View: A view that allows you to view your projects over a select period of time.
Dashboard View: Graphs and pie charts representing your work, team workload balance, and more.

Create Custom Views to See Specific Information

You can create, save and share your own customized work views. These views weed out the information you don’t want to see and show you the information you’re interested in. You can group that information based on multiple properties and use any of the default views to see them in. Easily export the views for reporting purposes.

Combined View for Tickets & Tasks

You can create views that combine both tickets and tasks. Simply enable the items application which would display tickets, task and other items all in one work view.


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