Creating Items Automatically with Workflow Automations

Streamline Your Workflow

Create Items Automatically

In OneDesk, tickets and tasks possess workflow automations that allow for items to be created in reaction to a range of conditions which the original item-type meets. These created items can be designated as subtasks within the original item, or they may be their own standalone item.

Ticket automations

What are item creation automations?

An item creation automation is a specific type of workflow automation where items are generated automatically in response to a certain met condition.

Why should I use item creation automations in OneDesk?

  • Automate repetitive steps
  • Quickly assign new items to individuals
  • Ensure all sub-steps are always tracked
  • Streamline your organization’s item-creation

Item creation automations

What can item creation automations do?

You can automate based on tasks, tickets or projects. Additionally, rules triggered by events can be followed by one or more actions. These actions can create new tickets, tasks, projects, or other item-types which you create.

Here’s some examples of item creation automations:

  • Create subtasks within a new ticket whenever it is created
  • Fill a new project with tasks for general housekeeping
  • Add new subtasks when an item is re-opened

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