satisfactionSurveyOneDesk’s customer satisfaction surveys allow you to assess your customer support team’s level of support and to improve your customer experience based on the feedback you receive.

Gain Valuable Feedback from Customers

Using customer satisfaction surveys, you get insight into how your customers view the service they receive from your team. With this feedback, you can implement changes and improvements to your customer support and experience.

Salvage Negative Customer Experiences

By giving your customers the opportunity to point out negative support, you have the ability to improve upon their unsatisfactory experience. Use customer feedback from these surveys to focus on those negative customer experiences and to turn unsatisfied customers into happy ones. Customers have 10 days to change their rating, giving you plenty of time to make the necessary improvements.

Assess Individual Agent’s Performance

Make sure everyone on your team is providing the best support possible. You aggregate the data from customer satisfaction scores on an individual agent level to allow you to assess their level of performance. Make judgements about which agents need improvements and schedule reports based on satisfaction scores.


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