OneDesk has many help desk and ticketing system features. These features work to provide you with all the tools you need to provide exceptional customer support.

HelpDesk Features List 
Live Chat Support
OneDesk lets you support your customers in real-time through a live-chat messenger.
Multiple Ways to Create Tickets
Ensure no customer requests are missed by creating tickets from different incoming customer communications.
HelpDesk Agent Management
Powerful team management capabilities can help to keep your team working at peak productivity and ensure a higher quality of work for your customers.
Easily collect customer requests and organize them into tickets and tasks in OneDesk.
Email to Ticket
OneDesk automates the ticket creation process through email capture to ensure that no request is ever lost.
Key Performance Indicator
OneDesk has a dashboard widget which displays the key performance indicators for your operations.
Agent Communication
OneDesk’s internal messenger system allows you to weave communication into your workflow.
Customer Feedback & Satisfaction
OneDesk’s customer satisfaction surveys allow you to assess your customer support team’s level of support.
Saved Replies
OneDesk’s saved replies ensure that your support team is providing services to the level you expect.
Tracking Time Spent on Tickets
OneDesk allows you to track where your time and effort are being placed.
OneDesk’s knowledge base can be easily updated from within OneDesk, and tracks all changes made to the articles.
Auto Ticket Routing
OneDesk lets you create auto-routing rules for tickets, tasks, and projects.
Creating Tickets from Live Chat
OneDesk lets you create tickets and tasks (items) directly from your live-chat messenger.
Data Exporting
OneDesk lets you export your data about tickets, tasks, projects and timesheets to be repurposed into reports.
Tickets Analytics
OneDesk has an analytics application that aggregates all of your data into one location.
Ticket Management
OneDesk’s powerful ticket management features ensure you can track, prioritize, and resolve customer support tickets quickly and efficiently.
Configurable Ticket Types
OneDesk lets you configure unique ticket types to distinguish between incoming requests.
Tracking Ticket Activity
OneDesk lets you audit work done by having access to a full-trail transparent history of changes on tickets, tasks and projects.
SLA Management
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) policies help you to improve customer service.
Ticket Prioritization
OneDesk lets you easily assign, schedule and level your tickets and tasks.
Merging Tickets
OneDesk lets you merge two or more tickets or tasks (items) into one to simplify your work.
Ticket Detail Panel
Use OneDesk's specialized ticket or task detail panels to complete almost any action from a centralized location.
OneDesk lets you create and save macros to bulk edit tickets, tasks & projects.
OneDesk lets you report on the progress of your tickets, tasks and projects.
Combined View for Tickets & Tasks
OneDesk enables you to view and work on tickets and tasks together.
Configurable Work Views
OneDesk lets you choose how your data is displayed and allows you to save and share work views.
Linking Tickets
OneDesk lets you link tickets and tasks for quick access and label them to determine their relationships.
In OneDesk, you can divide complex tickets and tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks.
OneDesk notifies you about the things you want to keep informed on, be it a conversation, ticket, task, or project update.
Ticket Collaboration
Work and collaborate with your teammates on shared tasks and tickets.
Resource Allocation
OneDesk helps you to allocate your existing resources to get work done.
Configurable Statuses
OneDesk lets you configure the lifecycle statuses of each type of ticket, task, and project that you have enabled.
Custom Fields
OneDesk lets you create custom fields that attach as properties to your tickets, tasks, timesheets, projects, users and customers.
Printing Tickets
OneDesk enables you to generate printer-friendly pages of information for all your work tickets or tasks.
Workflow Automations
OneDesk lets you enable workflow automations to replace your repetitive and time-consuming activities.
Automated Bot Responses
OneDesk’s automated bot lets you display information to your customers based on triggers set by you.
Automated Emails
Use automated emails to send information to customers or users based on triggers you set.



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