OneDesk’s helpdesk ticketing system is designed to complement your team’s workflow. It increases team productivity and empowers you to better serve your customers. Our helpdesk framework provides powerful workflow automations, self-serve customer applications, time-saving bulk actions, useful integrations, and more.


Establish Order to Your Customer Support

You can create different types of tickets in OneDesk. You can give each of them a distinct icon and color and manage their statuses. Each ticket type will have its own unique creation email. 

     Ticket Types

You receive many customer requests, so why sort them all into one category and have your agents tackle tickets they aren’t suitable for? OneDesk lets you customize ticket types to allow for better organization of requests and to make it easier to assign the right agent to the ticket they’re best suited to handle.

      Ticket Statuses

Your tickets can be different and unique and their statuses can be as well. OneDesk enables you to customize ticket statuses for each type of ticket. This helps you to track the progress completed on each ticket type on a more granular level. 

     Unique Creation Emails

Use unique creation emails for each ticket type. You can auto-forward to a distinct creation email to create a specific ticket type in your OneDesk. This lets you organize incoming tickets automatically, saving your agents time.

     Unique Workflows

OneDesk lets you create unique workflow automations specifically for every ticket type. This lets you automate actions like:

  • Assigning a ticket type to an agent or team
  • Routing specific tickets to designated projects
  • Sending automated replies to frequently-asked questions
  • And more!

Deliver Better Customer Service

helpdeskOneDesk lets you give your customers more control and insight with four customizable customer-facing applications:

Live Chat

OneDesk’s helpdesk ticketing system integrates with a customizable and brandable live chat included with every plan. This live chat allows you to talk to your customers in real-time, letting your customers know that they can have direct contact with a human being that can help. Having a live chat enables your agents to better serve your customers and to be able to create tickets immediately from within the conversation they are having with a customer.


Customizable webforms can be created for every unique ticket type. These self-service ticket creation forms let your customers fill out the details you require and send in requests to predetermined project files in OneDesk. This frees up time for your agents who receive all the information they need immediately to start working on the ticket. Automations can organize these incoming tickets to the appropriate projects so your agents don’t have to organize them manually.

Customer Portal

A dedicated customer portal allows your customers to track the status of their requests, view previously-published tickets or knowledgebase questions, search through them, filter by them, see their status, follow them, and of course, submit new requests. Giving your customers more freedom and control begets better customer service and diminishes the requests your helpdesk receives regarding ticket status updates, frequently asked questions, and how-tos.


OneDesk allows you to create a dedicated knowledgebase, or multiple knowledgebases, to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions and to detail how-tos that your customers might ask for. This self-serve application lets your customers search through a categorized collection of articles and easily find the information they need without the need to contact your support team. This lessens the time your team spends answering questions and how-to requests. Serve multiple industries or companies? Simply create individual knowledgebases for each so nobody sees the information that isn’t relevant to them. 



Ensure All Customer Requests Are Automatically Captured

OneDesk lets you manage all incoming customer tickets through our interconnected multi-channel ticket flow. Tickets are automatically funneled into your OneDesk from dedicated creation emails and customizable webforms. This allows you to capture requests and make sure no communication is missed. OneDesk automates: 

The capturing of requests from unique creation emails. 

The creation of tickets from integrations which can trigger an automation in OneDesk.

Integrations (API)  triggers can create an action that creates a ticket in OneDesk.



Increase Productivity with Work Automation

OneDesk lets you optimize your workflow by automating the sending of responses and emails, the creation and assigning of tickets, and more. With powerful workflow automations, your helpdesk can run smoothly and your agents spend less time doing repetitive tasks. With OneDesk’s automation tools you can: 

Reduce manual & repetitive tasks such as the closing of inactive tickets.

Auto-assign tickets to individual agents, to a team, or by round-robin to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed.

Auto-routing to send tickets into specific projects, assign teams and maintain better helpdesk organization.

Auto-updating ticket statuses to better track the progress being made on tickets.

Canned responses & email templates to automate replies to frequently asked questions and requests.

Customizable bulk actions that can be saved and used to take actions on multiple tickets.



Keep Your Work Connected

Your tickets detail panel is chock-full of features and lets you manage them all from one window screen:

Subtasks: let you track work in more detail

Statuses: keep you informed on the status of the ticket

Progress bar: allows you to monitor the progress completed 

Timers: enables your agents to log work as they’re completing it

Timesheets: let your agents track completed work and input detailed information regarding work done

Internal conversations: keep you and your team in touch regarding work on the ticket 

Customer-facing conversations: allow you to respond directly to your customers and to keep track of conversation history

And more!



Provide Superior Customer Support with SLAs

Keep your customers in the know about your SLAs and define response or resolution times for incoming tickets. Ensure your agents are meeting their deadlines with integrated SLA tools that include:

  • SLA management 
  • SLA breach notifications 






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