Linking Items & Linked Item Relationships

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Linking items & linked item relationships

In OneDesk, you can create and identify links between tickets. This allows you to easily access related items and label them to determine their relationship. You can easily flag duplicate work, identify the priority for sequential work items, and more. You are also able to create task dependencies that identify predecessor and successor relationships, from which you can create workflow automation.

Task Delegation

What are linked items?

Linked items are items within OneDesk, such as tickets, tasks, or articles, which have been attached together manually. Different relationships can be specified to tell how the items relate to one another.

Why link items in OneDesk?

  • Easier organization of an item’s stages
  • Delegate steps of a larger item to separate people
  • Create conversations separately for subtasks

Linked item relationships

What can linked item relationships do?

You can use linked item relationships to easily tell at a glance how your items in OneDesk are related to one another. Also, having relationships among these items aids in your organization efforts.

Here are some linked item relationships and what they mean:

  • Blockers – Item cannot be completed until another one is
  • Duplicates – Item is a copy of another
  • Related – Items are related somehow
  • Preceded by – Item comes after another
  • Succeeded by – Item comes before another


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