Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Structure Your Organization by Grouping Your Projects Into Portfolios

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

OneDesk allows you to take a strategic look at your portfolio of ongoing projects. You can create portfolios to contain your projects. This allows you to group projects together the way that you wish and take a high level view. Compare the performance of your portfolios by viewing the roll up of project statuses and KPIs.

Cross Functional Initiatives

Cross Functional Initiatives

OneDesk allows a project to belong to more than one portfolio. This is useful when a project spans across multiple functionalities. This allows for easy interdepartmental project collaboration as needed. Share project-level access with relevant team members and customers without having to worry about which portfolio it belongs to.

Organize Portfolios and Projects

Organize Portfolios and Projects

OneDesk lets you create your ideal portfolio/project company structures. Break down your various work processes into projects and group them into portfolios. This lets you define the hierarchy levels of your organization.

Manage your Portfolios Projects on a Timeline

Manage your Portfolios/Projects on a Timeline

OneDesk lets you manage your portfolios and projects over time with Gantt charts and project roadmap views. This allows you multiple ways to plan and schedule your projects in time periods of weeks, months and quarters.

Manage your Portfolios Project on a Kanban Board

Manage your Portfolios/Project on a Kanban Board

OneDesk lets you manage your portfolios and projects through a Status board. Move your projects as cards to easily change the quarters that they belong to, their project types and life cycle statuses. Have a strategic decision making process simplified in a visual format.


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