Shared Inbox in OneDesk

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Shared Inbox in OneDesk

Having a shared inbox creates an easy channel of communication between your organization and the clients and customers with whom you do business. OneDesk’s shared inbox achieves these goals while adding unique ways of managing projects – all from a single application.

Emails in OneDesk

What is a shared inbox?

A shared inbox is precisely that – an inbox intended for multiple users. The shared inbox provides a top-down view of incoming customer communication.

Why do I want a shared inbox?

  • Management of all your clients and customers in the same place
  • Have multiple employees monitor incoming communication
  • Prevent messages from slipping through the cracks
  • Reduce messaging clutter for individual users

Shared inbox

What does OneDesk’s shared inbox do differently?

The shared inbox within OneDesk is used in our omni-channel messaging system to have all your communications easily viewable. Additionally, automations can be applied to messages for streamlined helpdesk and project management within OneDesk.

What are useful shared inbox features OneDesk offers?

  • Automated messaging through workflow automations
  • Email templates with variable properties
  • Create tickets directly through incoming messages and emails
  • SLA breach notifications to stay on top of work


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