Single Sign-On Capability

OneDesk lets you set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to permit your users and customers to log in using their existing credentials. If the user does not exist, once they log in using SSO, OneDesk will create a user record for them. OneDesk allows your users and customers to sign in with OpenID Connect, Active Directory, and SAML 2.0.


Provide Convenience to Your Users & Customers

Your users and customers don’t want to have to log in to multiple applications individually; it gets frustrating having to go through the log-in process repeatedly. With SSO capability, they can log in once to multiple applications without having to re-enter their credentials. 


Secure Access for Users

Providing SSO for your users allows them to be able to login securely with one set of credentials. This reduces the login credentials your users need to memorize and have and ensures they maintain one secure set of credentials that gives them access to everything they need. SSO for your OneDesk users will improve overall enterprise security. 


Convenient Access for Customers

Your customers don’t want to waste their time. You don’t want to have to force them to log in repeatedly if they’re already logged in to their site. It can get frustrating to have to keep signing in again and reduce the overall satisfaction of their experience with you. Enabling SSO  for your OneDesk customers improves your customer experience. SSO capability allows them to be automatically signed on to their OneDesk account at the same time as they’re logged in to their organization, making it more convenient for them to access what they need. 


Other Login Integrations

OneDesk also provides OAuth login using Azura, Microsoft ID, Google, LinkedIn, Okta, and more.


Click here to find out how to activate SSO for your users in OneDesk.

Click here to find out how to activate SSO for your customers in OneDesk.



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