SLA Management


Service Level Agreements (SLAs) policies help you to improve customer service. Having SLAs in place lets you measure and improve the responsiveness of the customer support team and increase customer happiness. They are often a critical component of effective customer support.

Using OneDesk’s SLAs allows you to:

  • Deliver superior service targets
  • Ensure timely responses to customer requests
  • Assess your level of support
  • Define policies that cover your response and resolution times for tickets
  • Automatically associate incoming tickets with a policy
  • Notify assigned agents about upcoming ticket breaches

You can define the policy, assign tickets to that policy, and notify your team members before they breach the policy.

First Reply: This is the time between receiving the ticket and the first reply sent to the requester.

Next Reply: This is the time between the first reply and the second reply.

Periodic Reply: This is how long between subsequent replies.

Requester Wait: This is the total time the requester (customer) is waiting for an agent response. This keeps increasing as the customer waits for a response. Note that this time does not include time you are waiting on the customer.

Agent Work: Agent work. This is the number of man-hours of actual work spent on the ticket.

Resolution: This is the time until the ticket is moved to a “finished” state.


Set Expectations

SLAs allow you to define the level of service you provide to your customers including agent response time, resolution time, and the cost of the services.

Create Service Targets

Ensure your support agents meet a customer’s service level expectations to maintain customer satisfaction.

Define Time Limits

Assure your customers that they can expect service within a timely manner. This leads to agent response consistency and higher customer satisfaction.

Get a Competitive Advantage

Using SLAs as a service provider allows you to stand out amongst your competitors. Not all service providers are willing to provide service level agreements, and by having SLAs, you assure your customers that you are dedicated to providing great customer support in a timely manner.

Assess Your Level of Support

OneDesk lets you assess your level of support using views that show SLA breaches, tickets with or without SLAs, an individual support agent’s service and workload, and more.

Gain an Additional Revenue Stream

Not only can you provide better service by setting SLAs, but you can also upsell these services. You can define different levels of support which can be a new revenue stream for you. Allow your customers to pay more to get faster customer support.



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