Web Widget

Easily Put Customer-Facing Apps on Your Website

OneDesk lets you put a fully customizable customer-facing web widget onto your website. This allows your customers to interact with you through the various customer applications of OneDesk.

Easy to set up & fully customizable

The OneDesk web widget can be added to your website by injecting a JavaScript snippet. Decide which OneDesk customer applications you want the web widget to display to your website visitors. You can also customize your company branding ranging from color scheme, logo, bot and employee avatars, and personalized messages.

Let customers choose the mode of interaction

The web widget embeds the following customer applications: live-chat messenger, ticket portal, webforms, knowledgebase. This allows your customer to choose between chatting live with a helpdesk agent, logging in to view the status of their tickets, submitting new tickets through filling out a form or finding out the answer though a self-help interface. OneDesk provides different means of communication catering to your customer’s preferences.


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