Working on a Ticket or Task

Centralize Your Work & Communications

OneDesk lets you open a ticket or task in a separate detail panel. This allows you to complete almost any action from a centralized location. Everything relating or attached to that ticket or task is accessible from its detail panel. It is fully configurable, customizable and you have the option of viewing this information in full size or docking it on the side, allowing you to browse the details of multiple items quickly.

Ticket detail panel

You can work on multiple aspects of the ticket from its detail panel.

Easily view, control, and update all ticket details

You can move the ticket into a project, assign it to a team member, share notes and attachments, update the ticket statuses, add timesheets, and escalate it into a task.

Link communication with customers & team members

You can have multiple conversation streams with team members and customers, allowing for easy collaboration. Conversations can be internal or external and are linked in an omnichannel communication stream.

Create subtasks to break down complex tickets

You can break down a complex ticket into multiple subtasks which have their own statuses and properties. This allows you to plan out the execution more granularly and easily split up the work among several team members.

Quickly track time & review work done

You can monitor all submitted time worked on the ticket as well as track any changes or updates made to it by users or automations. You can also check the satisfaction score of resolved tickets and any customer feedback.

Tasks detail panel

You can work on multiple aspects of the task from its detail panel.

Easily view, control, and update all task details

You can move the task into a project, create a plan, add costs, add agile points, and assign it to a team member. At the task-level, you can also share notes and attachments, update its statuses, add timesheets, and break the task into subtasks.

Collaborate with your team as well as customers

You can collaborate with customers and team members by communicating directly in panel with them to get more info, request documents or assistance. The conversation threads are fully synced for future reference and you can also create sub tasks and assign them to your team members.

Track past & related work for full visibility

You can monitor all the status changes of a task’s subtasks, track all of changes made to the task, and view submitted time. Any related items can also be accessed directly from the panel.


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