Customer Community Portal

Create A Customer Community Portal

Effectively collaborate and share data with both external and internal employees, customers and partners, and drive brand loyalty. Voting, commenting and notifications keep everyone on the same page.

Your customer community portal: Manage internal and external teams

OneDesk allows organizations to easily manage both internal and external teams. It can be accessed through two different interfaces: the “advanced applications” for organization users, business partners, and sophisticated customers, and and the “customer portal” for other customers and community.

Building a customer community portal using OneDesk:

OneDesk’s customer portal allows customers to:

  • Directly submit feedback and ideas to organizations
  • Submit and discuss support requests and questions.
  • Discuss ideas and feedback with organization members or amongst themselves
  • Vote on polls
  • Vote on published feedback, questions, and ideas
  • Stay updated on their feedback’s progress (as long as the organization permits them to).

Manage the community portal using OneDesk’s main interface:

Through their user account, users can do all the same things as customers, plus:

  • Gather, classify and assign customer feedback, ideas and issues
  • Resolve and update the status of questions, issues and other items
  • Publish questions and ideas to the community and moderate discussions
  • Link feedback to, or create, requirements and tasks
  • Plan and track project budget, task assignments, and schedules
  • Collaborate with team members, partners, and customers by using social collaboration tools such as chat, discussion forums and blogs

Customize your customer community portal

OneDesk’s customer portal will help your company revolutionize the way you gather feedback from customers. Simply activate and configure the customer portal to fit your organization’s needs, and send customers the link. You can also embed it in your website. Strengthen your brand and create a more positive and consistent customer experience by applying a customizable skin to your customer portal. Choose from several templates and colors, including a Facebook-inspired theme. You can also request your own theme, template and color.

How to customize your customer community portal’s skin:

  • Upgrade to a Pro account
  • Call us at (514)731-6878 or 1-855-OneDesk (toll-free)
  • We’ll do the work for you and style your customer portal to fit your organization’s branding