Customer Community Building

Customer Community Building

At OneDesk, we consider customer feedback to be the fundamental building block upon which all successful products and services are built. We provide you with the tools to gather that feedback, elaborate it, and rank it with the participation of your customer base.

  • Create a customer community on your site to communicate with your customer base and keep them engaged with your product or service.
  • Allow customers to discuss various suggestions amongst themselves.  A good discussion helps illuminate the pros and cons of an idea, and points out potential pitfalls and concerns early.
  • Let your team engage directly with your customer base by answering questions or asking for clarification.
  • An upvote/downvote mechanism allows your customers to promote the ideas they like the most. The best ideas automatically rise to the top.
Customers can vote and comment on feedback though the customer user interface
Customers can provide feedback though the customer user interface
  • Allow individual customers to track their own submitted feedback, and engage in private discussions with that specific customer on that idea.
  • Open up the community to the level you are comfortable with. Invite a customer panel individually or allow all comers to sign up. Turn on or off all aspects of your community, controlling what information is exposed, and what features to make use of.
Control what features your customers have access to though the Customer Feedback Preferences

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