Customer Engagement

Customer engagement keeps customers involved with your business, enabling engagement with them on your website, via social media or by email.

With a multitude of social communication channels available, customers are increasingly voicing their opinions, ideas and suggestions related to your products and services. OneDesk provides you with tools to enhance customer engagement and understand what your customers really want.

Improved customer engagement with OneDesk:

  • Engage your customers on the social web: Customer engagement via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email and more.
  • Create a customer portal where they can share their feedback and vote on product or service ideas.
  • Respond to customer support inquiries using OneDesk’s help desk and customer service applications.
  • Choose whether or not to keep customers updated on their feedback’s status
  • Collaborate with customers using social collaboration tools – discussions, chats, and blogs.

The more you give, the more you receive – simplified customer engagement, with OneDesk!