Dashboards and Statistics

Executives: Get the insight you need to run a successful operation, by aggregating statistics on the data and projects within your organization. Need more detail? Drill-down.

OneDesk’s dashboard analytics provide deep insight into your data results. Statistics are updated in real-time, delivering an accurate view of your project and projects.


  • Project-level dashboards display statistics for all the data in the project, including current status and trends over time.
  • User-level dashboards provide a user-specific to-do list, calendar and news
  • An organization-level dashboard delivers insight into the bandwidth and storage your entire organization is using.
  • Drill down into the data with a few clicks, to get a more detailed view of the data.
  • Widget-based architecture allows you to lay out your dashboard as you want and your preferences are saved.
  • Receive high-level data on customer feedback, requirements and tasks, as well as the collaboration that is taking place in the project.