Connect the applications you already use to OneDesk and gain more flexibility, control, and automation over your processes.

OneDesk’s integration capabilities make your OneDesk platform more complete and even easier for your team to access.

Integration features:

Single Sign-On
OneDesk uses SAML and OAUTH2 to allow users to sign in with existing credentials. This allows for quicker access to the OneDesk platform and eliminates the need to manage multiple usernames and passwords.

Google Sign-On Integration
Sign in with a Google account and eliminate the need to create a new username and password. It works with Gmail addresses and Google apps for your domain.

Public API
OneDesk’s public API lets developers access the functionality of the platform programmatically. Some of the functionality includes accessing organizations and their information, working with feedback, requirements, tasks, issues, projects, timesheets, and more.

To access the API and associated documentation go to:

Tools that can be integrated with OneDesk:

  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Jira
  • TFS
  • And more!

Some benefits of integrating with other applications:

Capture customer feedback from other applications
Sales teams and SFDC users can capture customer feedback, issues, ideas, and enhancement requests directly from Salesforce and bring them into OneDesk. Salespeople can also view the status of any outstanding customer items directly from SFDC.

Capture support tickets
Help desk teams can capture tickets from Zendesk and push them directly to OneDesk for a more streamlined process. Once in OneDesk, product management, support, and engineering teams can collaborate together and with customers to resolve tickets. Tickets can be linked to ideas or turned into requirements. They can be associated with tasks and issues in the project management application. The entire workflow is connected ensuring faster time to market, better alignment with customer needs, and streamlined communication with team members and customers.

Bring requirements and ideas into TFS
Manage ideas, support tickets, customer feedback by engaging with your colleagues and customers. Create clear requirements and push them out into TFS tasks. Synchronize all information and get status updates whether you are working in TFS or OneDesk.

Connect idea, requirements, and product plans to JIRA
Capture customer requests into OneDesk and collaborate with them to identify critical issues and bugs. Use OneDesk to capture and manage support tickets, feedback, requirements, and product roadmaps and bring them into JIRA. No detail will fall through the cracks, and development will be aligned with customer and market needs.