Interoperable with Microsoft Project

OneDesk: Works with Microsoft Project

OneDesk is fully compatible with Microsoft project. Easily import your .mpp/.mpt files to get started, or export your projects from OneDesk.A desktop-like grid, Gantt charts, and ability to link tasks as predecessors/ successors, make OneDesk easy to use for those who are already familiar with MS Project.

Advantages of using OneDesk to work on your Microsoft Project files:

  • All users are interconnected. Every team member can view the project, enter their own data and update projects themselves, depending on their permissions level.
  • Users can submit timesheets, and easily keep track of work performed.
  • Full collaboration and discussion capabilities and the ability to attach files and tags to project tasks, allow for full participation and centralization of task-related conversations.
  • Real-time collaborative editing allows users to see where other users are currently working and initiate quick conversations to resolve questions.
  • A desktop-like datagrid allows users to enter data quickly – unlike most web-based applications.
  • Real-time CPM calculations and Gantt chart updates let you see how the project plan evolves as you make changes.
  • Gantt charts allow you to see how your project’s actual schedule compares to the planned schedule and track the differences. Analyze whether tasks are starting on time, adhering to work estimates, and staying in line with projected costs and schedule.
  • Tasks can be linked to requirements, feedback, ideas and support issues. This allows you to trace the task back to its original intention, resolve those issues, and finally, mark linked tasks as complete.
  • A tasks dashboard allows you to quickly see how your tasks are progressing.
  • OneDesk’s unique assignment scheduler, displays workload by assigned resource and lets you easily assign and reassign tasks to resources. Simply drag and drop. Leveling is intuitive and under control.