Public API

public API

OneDesk’s public API allows for even more flexibility, control and automation over the product development process. With OneDesk’s API, customers and third party developers can leverage the company’s social product development platform to create an end-to-end collaborative environment, which ultimately helps increase visibility, productivity, and streamlines product workflows.

The API lets developers access the functionality of the platform programmatically. Some of the functionality includes accessing organizations and their information, working with feedback, requirements, tasks, issues, projects, worklogs, and more.

The API uses RESTful calls and responses are in XML and JSON.

To access the API and associated documentation, go to:

Integrate Your Current CRM with OneDesk’s Social CRM tools

Today’s customers expect you to listen, engage and take action to meet their needs. Integrate OneDesk’s SCRM tools with your current CRM strategy and discover sales opportunities and prospects.

Traditional customer relationship management revolves around the notion that a company can keep its customers satisfied by employing the right marketing, sales, and services techniques. With a Social CRM, it is the customer who owns the relationship and the company listens to and interact with customers to find out what they really want.

Using OneDesk’s Social CRM integrations you can:

    • Discover sales opportunities and potential customers.
    • Reach out to customers and clarify feedback and capture / elaborate their requirements.
    • Cultivate ideas, questions and issues from all over the social web, and transform them into actionable data.
    • Deliver the right product or service, by streamlining its path to market.
    • Keep your customer informed about the status of their ideas and requirements.

For more details about integrating OneDesk with your current CRM, please contact us.