Release Management

Plan and keep track of releases and sub projects with confidence with release management and be sure nothing slips through the cracks.

OneDesk’s project structure allows you to create subspaces to organize products, target releases, projects, and teams. This makes it easy to assign requirements, ideas, issues, and features to products and releases. It also allows internal and external team members to collaborate on specific releases and projects.

OneDesk’s release management capabilities:

    • Stay organized by assigning feedback, requirements and tasks to products or releases.
    • Plan out release scope based on available man-hours, use release management to track resources and time.
    • Track releases as they are being worked on and stay on top of scope creep and schedule overruns.
    • Hierarchical product structure lets you organize products, releases, features and requirements to fit your needs.
    • Push incomplete requirements and unfulfilled ideas to future releases.
    • Display releases at the product roadmap level or drill-down into the details.
    • Execute well-coordinated release management activities.

Great release management, with OneDesk!