Executives: Get the insight you need to run a successful operation, by generating reports on the data and projects within your organization. Get an accurate view of your project and projects, which are updated in real-time.

Benefits of OneDesk’s Reporting Capabilities:

  • Import documents and easily create reports.
  • Collaboratively work on reports with team members and make informed business decisions.
  • Compare key ticket metrics within your projects.
  • Create reports that are to the required level of detail, and contain only the desired information.
  • Make it easier for your team to track Key Performance Indicators effectively.
  • Make critical project information available to all stakeholders in a usable, rapid, and flexible manner.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by enabling all team members to gain greater business insights.
  • Minimize IT overhead costs.
  • Transform product data into actionable information.
  • Choose to export reports in HTML, PDF, .csv or Excel format.