Requirements Prioritization

Obtain objective data and make difficult trade-offs about competing requirements, despite limited resources. Emphasize customer satisfaction, ROI, profitability, or strategy – it’s your choice.

Requirements prioritization is important.

For an enterprise to be successful with limited resources, it is essential that they choose the right requirements to implement. OneDesk allows you to create product and service delivery plans and road-maps that represent the ideal cost-benefit compromise, by easily visualizing and prioritizing your requirements across several metrics. A full complement of requirement analysis tools allows you to rank requirements against each other and score them using multiple analysis tools.

OneDesk’s requirements prioritization / analysis tools:

  • Allow you to make product decisions based on quantifiable, objective information rather than simply responding to the loudest voice.
  • Cost benefit analysis allows you to balance off the costs of implementing a requirement with an estimate of the revenue that awaits you if you do. Focus on the most profitable requirements, top-line revenue, or highest return on invested dollar.
  • Customer satisfaction analysis calculates the number of customer requirements you are satisfying, weighted by their priority.
  • Strategic alignment analysis allows you to drive value to enterprise initiatives, by visualizing the alignment or disconnect of product roadmaps with business strategies and goals. Examples include targeting a specific market segment, or closing the feature-gap with a named competitor.
  • Popularity Analysis uses the results of the community voting to rank a requirement. Quickly discover the most popular idea, most controversial, etc.
  • A Global Score for each requirement delivers a rolled up ranking based on the relative weightings you assign to each of the 4 analyses.