Security Roles and Permissions

Getting work done means you have to open up your data both within your organization or with other companies. OneDesk lets you share as needed, while maintaining control and ownership over your proprietary data.

Protect your data with security roles and permissions

You want to engage with your customer base and business partners, but much of your data is proprietary and sensitive. OneDesk addresses these concerns by including a robust set of security tools to let you assign security roles and permissions to control access as you see fit.

About OneDesk’s security roles and permissions tools:

  • A versatile role-based approach allows you to assign permissions to a role, and a role to a user.
  • Make use of the features you want and turn off the ones you do not wish to use. For example, you may allow customers to vote on feedback, while turning off commenting.
  • Dual level permissions let you set organization policies that apply to all corporate projects, but allow the owners of the project to dole out lower-level permissions. For example, you can deny a user the right to invite external users to join company projects.
  • Organizational policies give granular control over what is exposed to the customer. For example, you could require that each feedback be manually published by you before being exposed to the customer community for voting and discussion.
  • All traffic can go through HTTPS for added security.