Services Team Collaboration

Even with a skilled and knowledgeable professional services team there are still potential pitfalls which could derail your project: the customer is unclear in their requirements; the analysts do not ask all the right questions; or, the requirements change as the job progresses.

OneDesk helps your team handle these complications by providing the tools required to put every stakeholder on the same page in real-time. OneDesk ties customer feedback management, requirements management and project management together. Its social collaboration tools get everyone working together.

Here’s how OneDesk helps your team collaborate:

Create and share projects with the customer and team members

  • Provide a social environment where the customer can work with you to capture and elaborate project requirements.
  • Share the project with team members, business partners, and subcontractors.
  • Role-based access means that each user sees what they need and what you permit. All data created belongs to you.

As users add data, project scoping occurs in a natural way.

  • Customer suggestions and feedback are easily refined into requirements and broken down into tasks. As new input arrives, easily create and link up new requirements into the existing graph.
  • Continuous conversation between the customer and the professional-services team, serves to eliminate roadblocks and clarify any vagueness. Responses are centralized for reference by everyone involved.
  • Schedule and assign tasks to team members and subcontractors, even if they are outside your organization.

Track and maintain full insight into the progress of the project.

  • Full traceability from feedback, through requirements to project tasks, allows you to ensure full coverage, and maintain a record of decisions made along the way.
  • Crucial metrics such as completion rate, costs, and schedule are automatically calculated, giving you both top-level KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the ability to drill down into the details.
  • As tasks are performed, completion status is automatically propagated to linked requirements and feedbacks, giving you insight into coverage and progress at all levels.
  • Optionally keep your customer apprised of the project’s status by permitting them to track the project in real-time.