Sharing between Organizations

OneDesk’s unique sharing model lets organizations open up to partner companies to the extent they require. Simply place data into a project, invite others and control their access.

OneDesk allows your organization to reach outside the company and collaborate with subcontractors and business partners, while maintaining full control of your data.

Sharing data with external partners has never been easier. Simply add the data you want to share to a project and invite anyone to join, whether they are from your organization or not. As the project owner, you decide how much information each user can access by assigning the security roles and permissions. You may revoke their access at any time. When a project is shared, an external user can collaborate without incurring additional charges.

While collaborating with partners using OneDesk, you can:

  • Organize your product and service data into projects.
  • Invite collaborators to join the project to work with you on that data.
  • Create and assign roles for the user in that project, controlling access both to the specific data and the actions that can be performed on that data.
  • Maintain full ownership of all created data, and remove access at will. For example: Provide access to customer feedback, without exposing the customer identity, or provide access to product requirements without exposing the financial analysis data.