Team Collaboration

Organizations are increasingly recognizing that team collaboration is important and for team members to engage in “the conversation.” But if collaboration is unstructured, there is a large danger of generating a lot of noise of uncertain value and wasting a lot of time doing it.

OneDesk enables team collaboration by embedding the latest collaborative and social technologies throughout the application. While we believe that collaboration within the enterprise is essential to getting things done, we also believe that it must be structured in order to be productive.

How team collaboration is facilitated with OneDesk:

  • Blog posts created by your users can be cross-posted to the relevant project and project, ensuring that the relevant data is on-topic and in the right place.
  • Users can launch a discussion about any item, be it a piece of feedback, a customer issues, a requirement or a project task. The resulting discussion is automatically linked to the item and saved for future reference, automatically capturing expertise and building a knowledge base.
  • An activity stream lets you know what your team members are working on in real-time.
  • Your users are notified on the things they need know, not the things they don’t care about. They can be notified about property changes to items of interest, blog posts on relevant topics and questions posed on your items.
  • Real-time collaborative editing: Property changes are communicated in real-time allowing multiple users to simultaneously modify the same document and collaborate either from down the hall or across the world.
  • Email and RSS integration keeps everyone connected using the tools they already use.
  • Simple work-flow tools populate requirement and project data as it is received or approved, eliminating the need for double data entry.
  • Users can post news to a project, immediately informing all team members of “must-know” information in real-time.