Voice of the Customer/ Enterprise Feedback Management

Is your company listening to the voice of the customer? OneDesk provides you with the tools to effectively listen and engage with customers and act on their feedback to help you deliver better products and services.

Listen to the voice of the customer and facilitate enterprise feedback management

When it comes to knowing what would make your products or services better, your customers often know best. However, getting that information out of their heads and onto paper is a different story.

OneDesk provides you with the tools that allow you to take advantage of customer insight and gather, organize, and act on customer input.

With OneDesk’s voice of the customer/enterprise feedback management applications, you can:

  • Easily listen to the “Voice of the Customer” and use their feedback throughout your organization.
  • Monitor what is being said about your company or products on the social web, using OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool.
  • Gather customer-suggested ideas and improvements by embedding our feedback application in your website or have us host a dedicated microsite for you. Have partners and team members enter their own ideas. Feedback items arrive into your OneDesk account.
  • Get quick answers to critical product or service related questions by surveying your customer base, using polls.
  • Resolve issues and answer customer questions quickly and efficiently using OneDesk’s customer service applications.
  • Let the customer express their opinion on your backlog by allowing them to vote on submitted feedback. The favorite ideas automatically rise to the top.
  • Crowdsource the ideation process from all users, or regulate feedback quality by having an invitation-only process.
  • Keep your customers engaged with your development roadmap, by optionally sharing their feedback’s status with them.
  • Classify all collected feedback into the relevant projects, and share it with the appropriate teams.
  • Provide a venue where your customers can discuss ideas, helping to elaborate the details and keeping them engaged with your organization.
  • Have one-on-one conversations with a specific customer, elicit more detail on their input and clearly understand what they are requesting.