Having an efficient software requirements process is crucial to your development process. Before working on any requirements, it’s important to ensure that they are all clear, accurate and complete. This way, you can be sure that the requirements you choose to implement will meet your customers’ and team members’ expectations.

Here are five tips that will make your software requirements process more efficient:

Take the time to understand requirements – ask questions if you have to.
The more you understand them, the faster your projects will progress.

Use a requirements management tool to keep track of all the requirements
It’s challenging to keep track of requirements using spreadsheets or documents, yet many companies still do it this way. With the help of requirements software, you are less likely to miss important requirements, and can directly pipe the right requirements into your development process.

Know how the requirements should be prioritized
Understanding your company’s goals prior to working on the requirements will minimize time and cost. Knowing whether your company cares more about how popular a requirement is, or how cost-effective it is will certainly speed up the decision-making process.

Use a tool that allows for easy requirements prioritization
Once you know how your requirements should be prioritized, you should not need to guess which requirements meet your company’s needs. A tool that allows you to automatically see how all your requirement measure up to your organization’s goal saves a lot of time.

Involve the QA and testing teams in the software requirements process.
The QA team will spend less time asking questions to the Business Analysts and Developers. they will also have a better idea of whether the requirements are clear and testable, and can usually predict which ones won’t pass QA tests. You can read an interesting article on the subject here.

Effectively managing your software requirements process with OneDesk

If you are looking for a better way to manage your software requirements process, OneDesk is an easy solution. Its comprehensive requirements management and analysis tools allows you to turn market demands into requirements, and easily prioritize them based on what’s important to your company. OneDesk’s collaborative nature allows you to effortlessly get the whole team involved and clarify all uncertainties early on.

Learn more about how OneDesk can help you manage your software requirements process – watch this short video.


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