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The importance of the feedback form

A little while ago I posted an article about the importance of site feedback. The advice I gave was to gather feedback, using a feedback form that is well designed, user friendly, and above all, meaningful to your customers (website visitors). In today’s article I will explore a design that is both easy for your customers and organization to use.

Feedback forms facilitate customer engagement

It is no secret that if companies want to innovate and grow they must have current and in-depth knowledge of customer needs and expectations. What a customer thinks about and needs regarding products and services, is knowledge that can be used to improve offerings. Easy to use customer feedback forms, strategically placed on your website, can help track many items of information related to your customers such as: the products or services they are using or thinking about, what they like or dislike about the products, their experience in dealing with your organization, the transactions they complete on your site, etc. The important thing to note is that feedback forms provide you with valuable insight to help increase customer engagement.

OneDesk’s feedback form and customer portal

On OneDesk’s site, as part of the customer portal, is a customer feedback form. Key features of this tool encourage customers to get involved by providing feedback that counts.

Through this feedback form customers can:
1. Directly submit feedback to organizations and help the organization categorize their submission by tagging it as an idea, questions, problem or praise
2. Set a priority level for their feedback by selecting the number of stars
3. Submit and discuss support requests and questions.
4. Discuss ideas and feedback with organization members or amongst themselves
5. Share their opinions by voting on polls
6. Vote on published feedback, questions and ideas

feedback form

Feedback forms are an essential tool for improving development and customer involvement. When you receive feedback from customers you are opening the lines of communication and making your customer a collaborative partner in your success.

Want more details? Check out the feedback form on our community page.

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