Freshbooks Integration with OneDesk


Freshbooks is a cloud-based software that provides accounting services to its users. The application is geared towards small businesses and self-employed professionals, enabling them to track their financials by logging on to their accounts. At its core, Freshbooks is a straightforward application that eliminates paperwork by automating tasks like invoicing, organizing expenses and client follow-ups. Being a cloud-based application, Freshbooks can be accessed anywhere and on multiple devices such as desktops, phones and tablets.

Freshbooks include powerful features: Invoicing, Expenses, Proposals, Time-Tracking, Projects, Payments, Reports and Client Records. Invoices are customizable; users have the option to personalize invoices by adding logos and picking templates for their customers. In terms of setting up payment reminders, the application sends an update to the customers reminding them of payment due. When a payment is late, an automatic late fee is added to make sure customers pay on time. The invoice feature offers a multi-currency billing option as well as a multi-language invoice option. Users can also create their expense reports by safeguarding old receipts in the application. This feature also provides company spending summaries and recognizes past vendors, making the expense process easier for the accounting team.

This application also allows users to create proposals with e-signatures, enabling clients to sign online without wasting any time. Not only can the proposals be sent by the Freshbooks mobile application, but viewers can also review proposals and send feedback. Teams can bill their hours and invoice clients instantly due to the time tracking option. However, the time tracking feature serves a higher purpose than just charging by the hour: it can eliminate the timesheets and follow project times to stay within budget. Payments are also seamless with Freshbooks—the application accepts credit cards, records automatic payments and more. It provides the accounting department with the option to create a variety of reports such as general ledger, double-entry, and so on. Apart from that, client information is also stored within the application. But from a project management standpoint, Freshbooks serves as an extension in managing budgets. So when a project management application integrates with Freshbooks, keeping track of project financials becomes simple.

Integrating Freshbooks with OneDesk

When Freshbooks integrates with OneDesk, it transforms project management. For instance, when a user works on a ticket or task in OneDesk, the billable timesheet is automatically added to the Freshbooks account as a timesheet. That’s not all; the time entry is also linked to the author of the ticket, automating the process further. These time entries can also be generated into a variety of accounting reports on Freshbooks and converted to invoices if deemed necessary. Managing international projects becomes easier when this project management application integrates with Freshbooks. Multi-currency billing is possible with Freshbooks. Not only does this financial application accept international payments, but it also accommodates international clients with multi-lingual invoices.

Expenses associated with projects in OneDesk can also be logged into the Freshbooks application. For instance, if a project requires spending, then these expenses can also be keyed into the Freshbooks application. Managers don’t have to keep track of past receipts by filing these documents. With Freshbooks, users can simply snap a picture of the receipt, and that allows the application to organize the information and store it in the clouds. But that’s not all, the integration of these two applications solves the tax problem associated with international projects. Freshbooks keeps track of all the taxes related to the expense, making it effortless for the accounting team during the tax filing season.

Apart from that, customer records in OneDesk are also synced with the Freshbooks application. So, when a customer is created in OneDesk, the client information auto-populates in the Freshbooks account, eliminating the need to copy over or importing them from files.

Integrating OneDesk’s helpdesk and project management software with your FreshBooks account is easy. Just follow the steps below or watch the video.

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