actionable customer feedback

Gathering actionable customer feedback in real-time

Collecting customer feedback is only half the battle and can be ineffective if not done properly. The secret to gathering actioanble customer feedback is real-time communication. This is an extremely valuable tool because you can directly tap into your customer’s insight right at the point of contact. So listen up, capture customer feedback in real-time.

Tips for gathering actionable customer feedback

actionable customer feedbackWith the emergence of a new breed of customers – the social customer – and the increasing availability of multitude of communication channels, organizations are becoming more customer-centric. Empowered, today’s social customers actively initiate conversations on the social web, manage the flow of data and shape product related decisions. Recognizing that they no longer control the customer relationship and that customers are building their own conversations around products and services, organizations are realigning their strategies to focus on customer engagement.

Savvy companies are arming themselves with the tools needed to take advantage of this storm of opinion, to seek out and capture every valuable cyber splash in order to better their services and refine their roadmaps. Whether consumers or companies realize it or not – if they’re talking about the right topics, companies will be finding it, measuring it and using opinions to make strategic company decisions. Gauging customers satisfaction is now a key metric in any new project decision.

Here’s a few questions that will help you determine if you are in fact gathering actionable customer feedback:

  1. Are your customers happy?
  2. Are you resolving customer issues in a timely manner?
  3. Are you identifying valuable product advocates?
  4. Are you communicating with your customers in real-time?
  5. Do you offer multiple channels of communication?

It’s simple actionable customer feedback = better business decisions. Customers will always provide the best insight into your products and services. Their input is the single most valuable product management tool out there.

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