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It’s no secret that the best feedback and comments about a product will come from the ones who use it. Gathering user comments provides companies with ways to measure customer satisfaction and gain insight into what their customers really want.

Gathering user comments the traditional way

One of the most traditional ways to ask for user comments is through feedback surveys. You’ve surely had to fill a feedback questionnaire that includes a “comments” box at some point. You may choose to send your customers to a web survey site, or conduct some informal surveys over the phone. The problem with using these methods of gathering user comments is that the customers’ answers are often unclear. They may not elaborate their comments in detail, which leads to open-ended questions, and more work.

A new and more efficient way of gathering user comments

One of the best ways you can gather user comments is through a feedback software. With these, learn what your customers really want and immediately work with your team to solve their problems. This also helps your organization work more efficiently, and save time. Using a customer feedback software gives your customers a place to leave feedback, comments, questions and information. It also allows your customers to start a conversation about your product.

Gather user comments by listening to your customers’ conversations

User comments can be found almost everywhere throughout the web in the form of discussion forums. For example, on local news sites, readers can post comments and tell the world about what they think of the most controversial news stories. One comment often entices another reader to post their own opinion, thus enabling the community to come together and discuss their thoughts on the story.

OneDesk’s customer portal allows customers to submit and vote on feedback. They can engage with your team and start or join discussions about a specific feedback, requirement or task. Customers can also discuss items among themselves. Having conversations with your customers or simply listening to the discussions your customers have amongst themselves is the most efficient way to gather user comments. It improves the way you work as it saves time and allows you collaborate with your customer, which results in happy customers.


The old vs. new way of gathering user comments

Gather user comments more efficiently with OneDesk
Gather and clarify user comments more efficiently with OneDesk.

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