onedesk interface

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this short :45 (sec) video, we decided that it deserved a post of its own.

At the heart of the OneDesk application are a set of easy-to-use collaboration functions that allow you to publish and share content, engage team members and the larger community, and stay on top of whatever you are working on.

From blogs, news items and discussions to OneDesk collaboration inbox its all here:

1. An embedded email client for sending receiving messages
2. A real-time activity screen to see what your other colleagues are working on
3. Send and receive requests to take part in different projects and get notified of any workflow changes
4. Review blogs and discussions on general or very specific items.

Discussions can be between internal team members, between requester and assignee or with the larger community of customers and stakeholders
You can also chat with your colleagues and virtual team members in real time.

Watch the video now to see how it all comes together in OneDesk

Have questions about using OneDesk’s real-time Collaboration tools? Leave a comment below, or drop us a line at hello(at)onedesk(dot)com.

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