Now that you know the basic concepts in OneDesk, it is time to start adding stuff. You can create items, projects, users, customers, timesheets and more.

Creating items and projects

Click the appropriate “plus” (+) button in the left panel the to create a new item or project. Then select the type from the menu. You can also click the plus button inside the view. To create items in bulk, import items from CSV or MPP files.


Sharing projects

When you create a new project you select the type of project or portfolio you want to create. You then choose who to share it with. By default it is shared with all users in your company at the time it is created. Any properties you select here can be modified later if you change your mind.


Creating users & customers

Click the “create new user” or the “create new customer” buttons (+). You can also import customers from CSV files or add users from Google contacts. You can create teams (groups of users) or customer-organizations (groups of customers).
Create User

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