Using OneDesk means conversations with team members or customers are never more than a click away.

At OneDesk we know that communication is often what makes or breaks a successful project, release, or product launch. We’ve made it simple to collaborate with team members, customers and other stakeholders. Ensure that everyone is always on the same page and make sure that you never have to worry about lost e-mails, feedback or forgotten tasks ever again.

Assigning Users and Followers

Sharing a project with a user or team means that they can be assigned to, view and discuss items within it. Following an item means you will receive notifications about any changes or new discussions on it. Authors, assignees, and discussers will automatically follow the item.

To invite members to a project, open the project menu on the top left of the page and click “Share” next to the project. You can add existing users, new users, customers, or external users to the project.


To assign an item within the project, select the item and assign a member or team. (Note; customers cannot be assigned).


User Assign



Discussions, emails and notifications

You can discuss any item with teammates and customers by email, from inside OneDesk or from the customer portal. You can choose to receive e-mail notifications for discussions or turn them off and get notified only inside the app. Discussions are automatically updated as replies are sent and received, so you know that you are looking at the whole conversation right on the relevant task, idea, issue or requirement.

Side by Side Discussions


Share attachments with your team members directly on any item or project. Need to share a visual aid, document, design or screenshot? Just upload it and everyone on the project has instant access.

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