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Customers: It’s useful to give ideas to companies

First off, our team would like to thank you all for trying our software, and more importantly, for all the feedback you have given us. Your comments, whether positive or negative, always lead to a positive outcome. Thanks to your ideas, we have come up with ways to improve OneDesk, and we are excited to say that we will soon be adding new features that will make your jobs much easier.

We would also like to remind you all that as customers, it is important to give ideas to companies. Since you are the ones who use their products and services, companies are relying on you to give ideas and let them know how they can improve them and serve you better.

Companies: Ask customers to give ideas and listen to them

give ideas and grow your businessThe most innovative companies today all have one thing in common: they empoly user-driven innovation, that is, they ask their customers to give ideas, and more importantly, listen to them and act on the ideas. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes for a moment. If you are dissatisfied with a product or service, what would your first impulse be? Personally, I would want to talk it out, and let the company know how disappointed I am and ask them if they would consider improving it. However, if anything would stop me from doing so, it would be the fact that I am not sure how I would give ideas to the company, and also if they would even take my ideas into consideration. Your customers always have something to say about your product or service. It is up to you to research, listen, and initiate customer-driven innovation.

Give ideas shape with OneDesk

At OneDesk, we know how important it is for customers to give ideas, and for companies to gather them. Our job is to help your company gather feedback and ideas, and since we understand its importance, we strive to make this process easy for all parties.

For companies, we offer the ability to easily reach out and connect with customers through a customer portal. This allows companies to ask for ideas, collaborate with customers and clarify and unclear feedback and keep customers updated on their feedback’s status. The customer portal can even be embedded into a website for easier accessibility. We are also in the process of developing tools that would make the idea capturing and listening process way easier.

For customers, we offer the ability to easily reach out to companies, give ideas and feedback and make them understand your needs. Customers can also discuss ideas amongst themselves; companies can either join the conversations, or simply listen. Having a sense of connectivity will entice more customers to give ideas, thus helping business drive innovation.

Give OneDesk a try today. Remember, if you have any ideas, questions or concerns about our software, we would be happy to hear from you.

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