Creating a complete help desk support system

HELP Incorporating customer service and help desk tools into your overall product development process is highly beneficial to all stakeholders involved. In addition, it is crucial for businesses to have a help desk management strategy in place that facilitates customer engagement at all levels and touchpoints throughout the course of development.

Can your help desk support system do this?

Your help desk support system should be able capable of accomplishing these 5 activities:

  1. Instantly recieve feedback, questions, ideas, and support issues from a multitude of different channels.
  2. Ability to classify, filter and organize information related to products and projects.
  3. Enable stakeholders to start discussions around items.
  4. Create a living knowledge base of information that can be shared with everyone.
  5. The ability to push out feedback into other stages of development in a systematic fashion.

With a full suite of comprehensive social product development applications, OneDesk is the key to providing great customer service. Among these applications is a social media monitoring and cutting-edge help desk tool that when used together, allow you to capture and categorize valuable customer insights, like product issues or questions, as well as manage and resolve cases collaboratively with customers, in a timely manner. With OneDesk, the quality of customer service delivery is greatly enhanced because existing customers are acknowledged and addressed in a dynamic format. The added benefit is that you can create a living knowledge base that empowers employee decision-making and ensures great customer service is provided to future customers.

Discover more ways OneDesk can help you deliver great customer service:

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