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Building a better customer support system

It is no secret that providing exceptional online customer support presents many challenges to businesses:

      • Difficult to manage high volume of support inquiries through various different social channels
      • Rapidly rising and shifting customer expectations. Successfully engaging with customers online, at different touch points
      • Keeping a close eye on brand mentions and managing corporate reputation
      • Staying current on industry trends and knowledgeable about the competition


Your product development strategy must therefore include a customer service component. As customers increasingly use help desk systems express issues related to products and services, organizations must have the right tools to effectively capture this insight. OneDesk’s support system and customer service management tools greatly help organizations reduce response time, automate and track of support inquiries and organize them into a customer knowledge base.

Customer support systems can no longer just be used as a tool to field support emails— with OneDesk you can create a systematic and automated process that identifies customer issues and continuously captures inquiries across various channels, whether it be by phone, email, or the social web, during the early ideation stages and throughout the course of the product development process.

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