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Helpdesk Chatbots : The Pros and Cons

Modernizing a helpdesk is now extremely comfortable. Helpdesk are now faced with so many great new functions like chatbots and lives video conferences to give visitors help. But how automated should a helpdesk be? Automation is an impressive feature that is now provided by most enterprise-level helpdesks; however, most companies seldom take full advantage of these features. Chatbots are also referred to as talk-bots. They are a computer program that channels a conversation via textual or auditory methods. They are ordinarily calibrated for different purposes including data or information acquisition and customer service. A helpdesk chatbot can utilize advanced language processing systems, and some use less complex systems to check keywords in the information that is given to them by the helpdesk clients, and then answer it with the most relevant answer calculated from a preexisting database.

To help you better understand these wondrous things and why you might want one, here is a short pros & cons for these seemingly magical things we call helpdesk chatbots.

They are Fast & (not Furious but) Accurate

One of the main advantages of a helpdesk chatbot is that it will respond quickly and accurately. They can respond almost immediately to the visitor’s request with suitable information. This has no doubt proven to increase the number of sales and sped up the communication process as well.

They offer a personalized experience

It might sound to chat with a tincan, yet some helpdesk chatbots utilize machine learning to figure out how to become acquainted with us better. In this manner, they can customize the data they give. So the client gets the items list organized primarily for him/her. fancy!

Moreover, chatbots are great at focusing in on the core concepts of a question asked by a client. This helps in understanding more difficult requests. Most clients feel more at ease with the chatbot seeing as they do not feel the social burden of chatting with a human. And of course, they work MUCH faster than a human would.

Your chatbot is always available 

Chatbots don’t get tired, sleep, nor eat. They are available 24/7 and can go as far as attending to several requests at the same time. Hooray for science!

They are notably cheaper

At present, helpdesk chatbots have not totally replaced human-intervention customer service in the business. But it has been reported that the cost of chatbots in maintaining customer service is 29% cheaper when compared to human customer service employees. More bang for your buck!

However, with all their advantages, they can as well be tricky to use, highlighted below are some of the cons of chatbots… Nobody is perfect…

They need to be up-kept for precise answering, they don’t all learn by themselves.

No doubt, they can be more precise and quicker than human customer service, but at times, they get confused with the visitor’s request. Since they’re not human, they are not able to improvise with information when it’s required. They can lose track of the discussion and go off point, and that is not a good thing for a helpdesk whose whole purpose is CUSTOMER SERVICE!

They are NOT for every business, sadly…

Helpdesk Chatbots are not an ideal feature for businesses which gives comprehensive consultations as they main form of customer service. They cannot improvise and can only be programmed to answer specific questions with predetermined answers. So for a business like the one mentioned above, human customer service is highly recommended seeing as any follow-up question will be met with smoke and some flying cogs.


Ir’s true that chatbots have awesome potential as a component of customer support. However, you might have to keep some regular humans on the payroll just in case.

People are still better, but a helpdesk chatbot can take the edge off mundane or simple questions gotten often (but if a company has that problem, they just need to make those things clearer on their website!) OneDesk allows to automation and add-ons such as chatbots or live chat sessions to deal with all the holes left by your army of trampling bots.


Photo Credit : Tabletop Assistant / Matthew Hurst / CC BY

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