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Updated: 19/12/2019

The Helpdesk for a web-design firm, the ins and outs

You run a small web-design business, like a ten or twelve person small web-design business.  Business is booming, but you still have to be able to document and track problem tickets.   You still need the services of a help desk.  And as a web-design company, you need to provide helpdesk access not only to your team, but to your clients for whom you develop and maintain web sites.  You have to provide internal and external helpdesk support. You need a helpdesk for a web-design firm that handles all the sides of the business.

How should you deal with the external side of the helpdesk: clients and requests…

External users, the folks who use your creation for their business will have a need for a help desk.  If the back-end doesn’t quite process a debit card the way it was designed to process them, the problem has to be resolved.  And of course, the resolution is not going to be up to the client.  As a result, the client must be able to identify problems and to make those problems known to your helpdesk.

If a portion of the web page is malfunctioning, the external user can create a problem ticket and them use the captured problem tickets to generate reports as needed.  This can all go toward support SLAs and contractual agreements.

External users have some measure of flexibility in how they report their issues and how they track the resolution to their reported issues.  While they can’t assign issues to specific helpdesk technicians, the external user can, if the helpdesk software is configured appropriately,  view much of the data contained in the problem ticket.

How should you deal with the internal side of the helpdesk: agents and contractors...

The helpdesk system should also allow separation between external clients’ issues within the database.  That is, the system should present to one client only the issues related to their web site and prevent them from accessing the tickets related to other clients.

Internal users, the helpdesk personnel and the developers who create the web sites, have all the helpdesk capabilities needed for effective ticket management.  This would include:

  • The ability to filter tickets on a variety of fields
  • The ability to generate reports
  • The ability to use the information to manage technician work load
  • The ability to use the information to measure the effectiveness of the helpdesk personnel
  • The ability to change the person responsible for the resolution of an issue
  • The ability to setup workflow automations that could make your workflow more efficient

You need a helpdesk for a web-design business that can provide you all that if you want to stay on top.

OneDesk has you covered both ways

OneDesk offers a multitude of options for the external and the internal users.  They include the ability to:

  • Create custom fields within the database
  • Create multiple filters
  • Restrict access to data based on users
  • Generate reports keyed to specific data fields

Overall, OneDesk is able to meet the needs of small web-developing companies.  OneDesk provides the support you need without having to pay for an entire database through the availability of Software as a Service (SaaS).  We are able to price our services to meet your needs, financially and technically.

Photo Credit: ”Fabric design” / yaskii / CC BY

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