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A Simpler Experience : Helpdesk for ITSM / ITIL

ITIL, or the IT Infrastructure Library, is a series of documents (a framework) used to aid in the implementation of a helpdesk optimally configured for IT Service Management (ITSM). These documents address:

  • Service Strategy.
  • Service Design.
  • Service Operation.
  • Service Transition.
  • Continual Service Improvement.

The ideal helpdesk will be set up to implement the recommendations of the documentation where it is appropriate.
Implemented correctly, a helpdesk for ITSM will:

  • Serve as the single point of contact for users.
  • Provide centralized communications.
  • Monitor and escalate problems.
  • Resolve and close issues.

How is ITIL & ITSM used

With ITSM based on an ITIL framework, the helpdesk is purposely designed to satisfy a specific strategy. This strategy provides the team implementing an ITIL framework a clear set of for the helpdesk methodologies, characteristics, and capabilities.

ITIL says the helpdesk should serve as a single point of contact. Thus ITSM should include the capability of enabling each helpdesk technician to serve as a single point of contact each time a customer calls in with a new issue. Transferring to another technician should be a rare event. The customer should feel central to the helpdesk’s operation.

Service management should also allow for centralized communications. The helpdesk technician should be in a position to speak with the customer (whether that customer is an external customer or an internal customer) and maintenance, and be able to provide updates and request expeditious actions from the system technicians.

If a problem is more complicated than previously estimated, the technician should, without involvement of the user, be able to escalate the problem, while keeping the customer informed of the status of the problem.

With the capabilities of the helpdesk, the technician should be able to close an issue, capture a description of the issue, and capture the actions taken to resolve the issue. Additionally, the helpdesk system should allow the solution to be deposited in a knowledge base, making it available for future

What can a helpdesk for ITSM do for you

ITIL enables you to develop a strategy for servicing your IT infrastructure. With that strategy, you will be able to design a helpdesk operation that provides the capabilities you will need to address your customer’s needs and concerns. With the design, you will be able to develop and support an operation able to effectively manage the incidents generated by your infrastructure.

And of course, with an objective set of operations, you will be able to provide data (how many times did the customer have to talk to the technician, how long did the client have to wait for a pick-up, how many times was the client transferred between technicians, how long did the problem the client called in persist) to develop a strategy from improving the services.

OneDesk is a helpdesk for ITSM and provides the capabilities required to implement an ITIL framework. The system provides:

  • Centralized communication using multiple channels of communications.
  • The technician as the single point of contact to the client.
  • The ability to monitor and escalate problems.
  • The ability to resolve issues, close the cases, and capture the solution for a knowledgebase.

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